supressionSuppression has been a wonderful gift gifted to me by my brain. This single defense mechanism has helped me find myself. With every passing day, it’s getting stronger and solid. It has made me a better person.
It is a well accepted that a defense is an involuntary behavior, but I am trying to turn it into a voluntary one. Ever since I have learned about this defense I have been continuously working on it to redefine it. I am not sure if I am successful or not but I am sure that I have shaped it as per my need.
With the use of this defense, I am now able to control my anger, happiness, sadness and all other types of emotions. I can completely control my mind and prevent it from thinking those things that will not help me.
Some people think I am paranoid and some think I am schizoid. I don’t care what others think about me. It is me who should define what I am, not those people who hardly know me. In this regard too, suppression has helped me stay away from these kinds of people. Prejudice and lack of forgiveness used to be part of my subconscious before I came face to face with suppression. Now it is different! I can without any difficulty suppress my ego, attitude, grudges, and hostility.

At the end, I would like to say that what worked for me may not work for others because every single person is different and generalization is not always possible.


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